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About Lufra Foods

Lufra Foods is a food and beverage company which produces and distributes its own very successful brands like Lufra, Tido, Tradita, Beneta and Dukat water.

It is also an exclusive distributor of well known regional and international brands like Cremona, Bonizzi, Jaffa, Nõm, Estrella Damm, Haymans, Komos Tequila, The London Essence, Bylmeti etc.

Our Functions

At our company, we take pride in our team of accomplished professionals in the fields of sales, marketing, and distribution. Our employees represent a key component in ensuring the seamless operation of our business, and as such, we prioritize their training, motivation, and career development.

Sales Department

Our sales department is comprised of highly skilled professionals, including sales directors, area sales managers, and sales agents, who specialize in negotiations, sales, communication, and analytics. With extensive years of experience in FMCG, they have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. We have 22 sales managers and 190 sales agents.

Marketing Department

Our marketing department consists of a team of skilled professionals, including a marketing manager, marketing coordinators, and merchandisers. To create compelling and effective TV commercials and 360-degree campaigns, we collaborate with the leading marketing agency in Albania.

Logistics Department

Our logistics team consists of logistics managers, drivers, and a fleet of 70 refrigerated vans and 30 distribution vans. We have a wide reach, distributing to 95% of the market in Albania. We also have 5 modern warehouses located in: Lushnja, Tirana, Saranda, Korça, and Prishtina, Kosovo.

Production Department

We own the biggest milk processing factory in Albania where we produce various dairy products under the logo Lufra, Beneta and Tradita. We also own a water bottling plant, Dukat Water, that is fully automated, digitalized and equipped with the most modern water packaging technology.

Employee evaluation and talent motivation and development are among the key factors that differentiate us.

For this reason we have created a platform which contains training programs for employees of each department, with the aim of developing professional and interpersonal skills at work. During 2022, the company developed more than 26 dedicated training programs, with foreign and domestic experts, which had an immediate impact on increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

Our beliefs

Lufra has continuously expanded the market in which it operates and today covers the entire Republic of Albania. We seek at all times to improve your health by improving our products. Since the quality and originality of our products depends directly on nature, one of our long-term strategies is to respect it.

We strongly believe in our vision and values.

Every cell of our business protects ethical principles, trust and transparency. It is on these principles that our social responsibility programs are built. Keeping promises is an element that differentiates us in the market, we never break the word given.

Mr. Arben dhe Mrs. Antoneta Ndreka​

Awards and Certifications

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