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Our sales department is comprised of highly skilled professionals, including sales directors, sales managers, and sales agents, who specialize in negotiations, sales, communication, and analytics. With extensive years of experience in FMCG, they have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. We have 22 sales managers and 190 sales agents.

Our logistics team consists of logistics managers, drivers, and a fleet of 70 refrigerated vans and 30 distribution vans. We have a wide reach, distributing to 95% of the market in Albania. We also have 5 modern warehouses located in: Lushnja, Tirana, Saranda, Korça, and Prishtina, Kosovo.

Facts and Figures

Sales Agents
Sales Managers
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Albanian Market distribution
Refrigerated Vans

Chilled products need special means of transport. Part of Lufra Foods is Lufra Company, the biggest dairy company in Albania which offers over 43 products and varieties and processes +60 tons of milk everyday. We take care to distribute these products safely to each grocerystore and supermarket in Albania.


We own the biggest milk processing factory in Albania where we produce various dairy products under the logo Lufra, Beneta and Tradita. We also own a water bottling plant, Dukat Water, that is fully automated, digitalized and equipped with the most modern water packaging technology.


We have 5 modern warehouses located in: Lushnje, Tirana, Saranda, Korça, and Prishtina, Kosovo. 70 Refrigerated vans and 30 Distribution vans. We export Lufra's products in the USA and have created our branch in Kosovo where we distribute the chilled products to all cities there.


Distributes to 95% of the Albanian market. We serve more than 6000 POS.

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