Dairy Products

Our company is a leading distributor of chilled products across Albania, serving both supermarkets and the HORECA industry. We have become a trusted partner for more than 6,000 POS throughout the country. Our team of 190 sales agents and 22 sales supervisors work tirelessly to ensure that our products are delivered on time and to the highest standards.

Grateful to nature!

“Lufra” has been part of the Albanian families for 30 years and as such, we have tried to expand and improve the range of products offered!


Tradi’a stands under the umbrella of the parent brand “Lufra” and aims to introduce the taste of dairy products as in the early days, at the same time contributing to our cause of supporting farmers!

For Everyone!

TIDO is the newest brand under ''Lufra's'' umbrella and intends to be vivid, flavorful and reach all ages with premium yogurt with jams, honey and cereals.

For all, who consciously go through life!

The abundance of ingredients is guaranteed to help you through the stressful day. On top of that there is a large portion of taste, creaminess and sweetness, so that enjoyment is not neglected.

Yellow cheese produced in Italy

Lufra Foods is the exclusive distributor of the Cremona brand in Albania, with Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses maturing for 24 months and Grana Padano maturing for 12 months.

Italian milk

Bonizzi milk only from selected and naturally raw materials, without preservatives, is healty and complete food to taste in any time of the day.

Milk cream with peppers

Lufra Foods is the official distributor of Dairy sour Cream with peppers in Albania from the company "Qumështorja Bylmeti" Kosovo.

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