Lufra Foods
Marketing Services

Our marketing department consists of a team of skilled professionals, including a marketing manager, marketing coordinators, and merchandisers. To create compelling and effective TV commercials and 360-degree campaigns, we collaborate with the leading marketing agency in Albania.

Our success stories

One of our Top Campaigns was The launching of TiDo, a new brand developed 100% from ADG shpk. We transmitted the TVC to 15 media channels, 5 radio channels, 55 outdoor commercials, a powerful social media ads campaign and more than 60 POS branding. 

We developed a natural yogurt that contains no colorants, sugars or preservatives. It’s on the variant split cup – on one side of the cup you find the yogurt and on the other side the jams/honey/cereals. The consumers loved the new products and started to replace the unhealthy snacks with TiDo.

The retailers were very happy with the new product and we are distributing to 85% of the market.

Had the slogan “Hahet apo Pihet” which is inspired from the Shakespeare drama Hamlet, To be or not to be!

The campaign was 360 degrees and it passed our expectations on terms of sales. Now after 7 years this commercial is still present in the mind of the consumers.

Other 360 degree campaigns that we created are: Farmer’s Milk, Tradita, Strong Bones, Real Cows, Village’s Cheese, Dukat Man etc. 

We have also created various campaigns for each product in BTL & Outdoor levels.

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